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How do I work?

Customized services | Servicios personalizados de fotografía, gestión de redes sociales y creación de contenido | Services personnalisés

What happens once you contact me?

let's meet!

Before we start working together, I would like to meet in person or via video call, in order to talk about your project and your expectations. After our exchange, I will send you a concrete quote by email.


Once the photos are taken, I spend time editing and improving them, while trying to keep the essence of the image and the authenticity of the original version. The aim is to enhance the product so that you are surprised when you see the result.You will receive a link with the selected material so you can choose the images you prefer.

I look for inspiration

Once I know what you want, I need to think about how to showcase your offer in the most creative and original way possible, and in a way that fits your brand image.

You get your product

The HD version will arrive once you have made your choice thanks to a transfer application, by email. If you have chosen the service that includes help with social networks, you will also receive a shared folder with a calendar and content for your posts.

i shoot

The photo shooting is the most fun part of the process. This is where we can work together to create unique and original images. You will find that I am an open and relaxed person with a great sense of humour!

give me your feedback

It is very important to me that you give me feedback on my services, so that I can improve. If you want to help me even more, you can also rate my services by posting a review on Google.

Would you like to work with me?

Click on the following link to tell me what you want:

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